About Fuel

What we do is feel good food.

Feel good because our cooking is specifically designed to maximise your energy, vitality and health. And most of all feel good because it is delicious and exciting.

We aim to produce amazing meals that fit in with the latest advances in healthy nutrition for the merely health and body conscious to the elite athletes. Optimal food will be provided for the average person striving to look, feel and perform at their best to the elite athlete searching for that ‘edge’.

Chef and creative force Benedict Gorman who revolutionised informal dining with Gruel, Dame Street, has now teamed up with the team of elite Personal Trainers and the Nutritionist from The Edge Gymnasium, Clontarf, to bring you FUEL.

Benedict recently spent 3 years cooking for the beach crowd in Ibiza utilising the amazing Mediterranean palette and providing food for THE most body conscious! He also helped set up a health retreat and had a thriving kitchen on the north of the island.

Over the past 9 months we have used our combined professional expertise and knowledge to create a comprehensive, nutritious, balanced menu which supplements the busy lives of our customers whilst tasting delicious.

It is clear that hectic lifestyles, working hours, families etc make it difficult to eat healthily and nutritionally 100 % of the time. We also know that getting into great shape is predominantly a direct result of what we eat. FUEL have started a revolution to combat this and provide you with all you need nutritionally in your quest for healthy living.

Eating clean, lean, healthy food means plain, tasteless and boring to most. To FUEL, eating healthily means tasty, zesty and fresh! Fresh herbs, spices, juices, cold pressed oils, nuts, pulses, heaps of salads and vegetables and only the freshest, leanest fish and meat are on our menu.

Good food !, Feel good !, FUEL


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