The Fuel Manifesto

We’re Stronger together

We are a community, we are friends, we are family.

Working together gives us the freedom to be braver and better. We are changing the way a community cafe works.

If we’re in this together, it helps us all.

Together let’s generate energy.

Let’s leverage our energy to make a real and lasting difference. We can show the power of community. 

We have the platform for the ideas of the community.

If we’re going to talk the talk, then we have to walk the walk.

If we find something that we want to change, we have two options.

One, is to talk about the change we are going to make.

Or, two, stop talking. And do it.

Let’s do this together.

Integrity is everything.

We believe in the best people, using quality ingredients,
from our trusted suppliers to create amazing food and coffee.

We believe in what we do,
and we’re great at it.